A life without art is like a sea without water

Ubiquitous and inevitable, we encounter transience.
In the blink of an eye, life allows us to partake in the ever-present change of matter.
“For me, rust seems a suitable medium to make this transformation visible in all its forms.
I follow the random structures of rust and recurrently use its materiality as a meaningful symbol.
At the same time, I am aware that the earthly world is characterized by opposites.
Thus, I complement the transient with beauty.”
Born in 1962, Frank Rosenzweig feels connected to the tradition of Vanitas painting. The classical Vanitas painting is a symbolic artwork that portrays the futility of attachment to material and the eventual certainty of finitude. Overcoming a serious illness led the artist to devote himself to this tradition, which began in the early 16th century.
Using a variety of new techniques, Rosenzweig’s original visual language celebrates the field of tensions surrounding the omnipresent transience. He urges us to recognize and appreciate the preciousness of the present moment. In doing so, he advocates for the conscious experience of existence and for the meaningfulness of a grateful and appreciative attitude towards life and all its manifestations.
A life for art, a life for peace

Artist & Muse

As long as Frank Rosenzweig can remember, he wanted to be a painter and draftsman. Already after high school, it was clear to him: his life path would be dedicated to art.

Fate sets the course. During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, he meets the love of his life, Valerie, who becomes a constant presence in his life from then on. Together, they navigate their ship through the turbulent waters of life with and for art; for peace.

Today, Frank Rosenzweig looks back on an extensive oeuvre that includes thousands of works, including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures. In addition to public acquisitions, collectors and art lovers on five continents own works by him.

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