"Where do I come from, where am I going?"

2008, rust and oil on canvas, 420 x 260 cm, 165" x 102"

Away from the usual standardized paths of thought, Frank Rosenzweig challenges us in his own unique way to contemplate our own transience. To look, to turn towards it. In doing so, he allows us our very own moment of realization. He doesn't push us. He lets us go while holding us in this tension between "Where do I come from and where am I going."

"Life, Love and Time",

2010 & 2012, rust and oil on canvas, each 50 x 70 cm, 19.7" x 27.6"

Inspired by a creatively perfect moment and the reflection of the sky in the more than hundred-year-old window glass, the artist developed his idea. He wanted to show how even in such a fleeting intimate moment of perfection and completeness, change and finiteness are present. This makes it all the more valuable.

On the light gray primed canvas, a body silhouette was created with iron pigment paint. Nails were then laid out on it and kept moist with water. Rust forms and then almost completely disappears under the scenic representation painted with oil paint, just as our knowledge of transience fades away in the rush of the present moment.