PANTA RHEI [ancient Greek: everything flows]


For several years, the versatile artist has been working with rust as a symbol of transience. To this end, he develops new painting techniques in which controlled iron oxidation leaves traces on the painting surface. For individual pieces, he might, for example, embed thousands of rusty nails into the shape of his subject, keeping them moist for weeks to allow the imprint of rust to form on the canvas. Contrasting this visible process of decay, symbolizing all things finite, Rosenzweig incorporates blossoms and nudes representing youth, health, beauty, and the fleeting moment of existence. In doing so, he engages in a dialogue with the tradition of Vanitas painting (Vanitas: empty appearance, vanity), confronting the finite nature of human existence.

Middle Nudes I-III, 2012, rust on canvas, each 80 x 180 cm, 31.5″ x 71″